A Slide View

I inherited all my parent’s slides and the slide projector.  I have been meaning to view them again.  I have fond memories from my childhood of watching them and eating popcorn in the living room of my family home…

This may sound silly when everything is so digitized today but there was something special about the hum of the fan, the click of the slides and watching photos of us appear on a “big” screen!  🙂

So today’s weird bird, A Slide Masked Owl is in memory of those simpler times:


Perhaps you didn’t grow up viewing slides on a projector but maybe you slid down a slide or two…


Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Hope you “slide” through your day with a smile on your face!

Cheers! 🙂


16 responses to “A Slide View

  1. I still have some slides too, but no projector–I was thinking to take them to the photo store and see if they could print some of them. My father took films of us too–I guess one of my brothers must have them, if they still exist.
    Cute owl! (K)

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    • I think there are places that can put your slides on CD’s too. I have thought about doing this but I’m not sure any one else in my family would watch them. My hubby has films from his childhood. We would like to watch them some day too. Thanks Kerfe! 🦉

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  2. Omg. I loooovvee this owl!!!

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  3. I remember watching films like that when I was itty bitty…wow, different times! Your owl is fabulous!

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  4. HI Jill – WHOOOWHOOO!! I love the owl, this conjures up so many memories. I have a slide projector and slides too. On my todo list for the winter is to make my way through the slides. And remember, there would always be the upside down slide and we would all hiss and boo until the slide was corrected. Haha.

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    • Sounds like a good thing to do in the winter! 😃 I remember watching slides in grade school too and films and everyone booing when an image was upside down! Thanks for making me smile, Sharon! 😊 And I think your Owl with the button eyes inspired me to create my owl this week! 🦉💕


  5. We used to beg our dad to show slides! We would watch them when our cousins came from out of town. One of our favorite things was to see the slides from when my dad was in the Army and my parents were in Germany before I was born! Such memories! 😊

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    • Oh, that sounds fun! Thank you for sharing your memories with me! ❤️ I remember watching the slides of going to the ocean of my sister and me. They are the ones I remember the most. I will definitely have to go back and view them again! 😍

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  6. Great autumn colours and textures Jill….

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