And The “Sweepstake” Winner Is…

For today’s FUNny Fish Fry-Day we have a riddle…

What kind of fish is a sweeping success?


The Broom Fish!

Can you imagine ALL that sweeping that needs to be done on the ocean floor?!  Phew! 😉

I hope your day sweeps you into a FINtastic weekend!

Cheers! 🙂

13 responses to “And The “Sweepstake” Winner Is…

  1. I love the expression on your fish’s face! Wonder and surprise! Always appropriate! (K)

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  2. Love her! The expression is priceless !

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  3. hahaha, sweeping the ocean floor! She’s adorable!

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  4. Lol! Great way to start the weekend!

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  5. Adorable! Love his face! 😀

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  6. soooo cute as usual!

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