Autumn’s Display

My hubby and I closed our lake place this weekend as it is getting colder.  Autumn brings cooler temperatures in the Pacific Northwest where we call home.  Soon the snow will be falling…

Autumn’s Display of wild rose hips always dazzle me in the fall.  Especially on a sunny, blue-sky day:


It is always sad to see the lake season end as we will miss our lake friends. We will also miss the lake and this stunning view:


Yet, I look forward to more time in my art studio in Autumn.

The crisp, cool air of October is Apple Harvest time too!


This week my art these will be focusing on APPLES… I hope you stop by for a bite or two…

On Monday, I will share my process for creating this art piece.  (I also discovered some ways to “fix” mistakes that may be of interest to you!)


Do you have 4 seasons where you live?  What is your favorite time of year?

Cheers! 🙂

13 responses to “Autumn’s Display

  1. Stunning mixed media with the apple theme. I learn so much from your art Jill. Looking forward to your new art to come.
    It must be sad to close up your Lake house. But, I do like your idea of more time in the studio.
    I live in Southern California now so the 4 season changes are subtle but I welcome each one.

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    • Thank you, Sharon. 🍂😊 I had fun experimenting on this apple piece. 🍎 It is a beautiful day today here – cool but sunny and the fall leaves seem to dance in the sunshine. ☀️🍁☀️


  2. Love your inspiration!!!!

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  3. Autumn is my favorite season and October is my favorite month. We do have four seasons, though we are don’t get as much snow that they do further up the road or other areas of Northern California. We are situated at the right spot, I do love snow but having lived 8 miles further up at our old place, we got pretty tired of having to deal with much more snow. Happy to be where we are at!

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    • I enjoy the 4 seasons but winter is not my favorite time of year… glad you enjoy where you live Margaret. I hope that some day after we retire, you can spend winters in a warmer climate. 😃🍁🍂


  4. lol our seasons here on the North Coast of Oregon is MORE rain, or LESS Rain.

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  5. We sort of have fall seasons… I have lived in the Northeast where there are definite fall seasons and I much prefer the “sort of ” variety in the Deep South! Can’t wait for your fixing mistakes tips!

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  6. Your lake view and scenery is gorgeous! I’d hate to leave it. I love that boat composition Jill.

    I love Spring and Autumn best. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where I think we have 4 seasons, but fall and winter aren’t as harsh or beautiful as those that have thousands of Maples that turn red, and thousands of Aspens that turn gold. We do get snow in good winters in the Diablo, and Santa Cruz Mountain Ranges which really brings the spirit of Winter to the Bay Area.
    Maybe this year we’ll get a few more snow days. I am hoping for a few more good Winters before the next drought. That’s been the pattern since I was a girl anyway.

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  7. Thank you Deborah, I just love an old row boat as it adds character to a lake photo! 😊 I enjoyed hearing about your favorite seasons and where you live. I didn’t realize you got snow in the mountains near you. I imagin it is beautiful. ❄️💕


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