Apples – Tart And Sweet

Sometimes creating art is like an apple… It can be tart and sweet!  

I started this mixed media piece I showed you in yesterday’s post – with watercolor and walnut ink on hot press watercolor paper.

I color copied a cut apple directly on my copier!  I learned this technique recently from Lendon Noe in an online class hosted by Carla Sonheim:  “Meaning Making: Inspired by Poetry.”


After I color copied my apple, I transferred the image to my paper with matte medium.  I like how the background colors show through my apple!

Next, I drew three crabapples directly on the right side of my page with Stabilo CarbOthello which are Chalk-pastel coloring pencils.

I added the words, “Apple and Autumn” with a Pilot Parallel Pen with a 2.4 mm nib – which is a calligraphy pen that uses water soluble ink.  I discovered that the ink bled over the apple transfer when I tried to write the word, “Autumn” using the “A” from the word, Apple.

Instead of scraping the whole project, I tried first to cover up the letters with tracing paper where I had lightly drawn apples as you see below in the photo on the right:

However, I still wasn’t satisfied with it so removed the tracing paper and covered the letters with computer typed letters.  How do I blend the typed letters with my piece?

I solved the problem by gluing a piece of Gelli-printed deli paper in a light orange color over the typed letters.


I added three autumn leaves that I color copied and transferred the same way as the half of apple.

The words describe an apple to me:  Tart and sweet, juicy, fresh, round, red and green, yellow.

I learned a lot from this art piece!  It may not be frame worthy but I learned how to persevere and FINISH it!  Sweet, I say!

Cheers! 🙂


15 responses to “Apples – Tart And Sweet

  1. There is always a solution! Well done. (K)

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  2. I like how it turned out….sometimes it is the unexpected things that are the most fun and authentic. Random is pretty much I am doing life lately!

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  3. very fearless and creative Jill!

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    • Thanks so much Jenna! 😄 I learned some other ways of “fixing” mistakes that I hope to show this week also. It is fun to take a class as it opens up my way of seeing things in a different light. ☀️🎨👍


  4. Thanks to Lendon and Gelli print papers!! 😉👍❤️

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  5. the the piece and especially love that you shared the process!

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  6. Great! I love how you describe your process! Very interesting! Thank you Jill!

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  7. Fun and interesting!! Well done☺️

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