Drawing Apples

One of the assignments in the online class I recently did with Lendon Noe (see yesterday’s post for more information about the online class I took) was drawing apples.

I drew this apple in my sketchbook yesterday:


It felt really great to just DRAW without thinking about the outcome…

I used to do a lot of drawing in pencil when I was a child but then I let “other people’s opinions” stop me from doing what I loved.

This class helped me to ENJOY drawing again without thinking about the finished product.

One of our assignments was to draw apples – quickly – in any art medium – on a cheap pad of tracing paper.  It helped me to look at a REAL apple yet I think it REALly helped me to JUST DRAW…Without any thought of doing it RIGHT or WRONG!!

Below are my favorite apples I drew on tracing paper – some of the art mediums bled through to other pages which I think is kind of cool:

I hope my drawings encourage you to just DRAW and enjoy what you discover!

Cheers!  🙂

17 responses to “Drawing Apples

  1. These are great Jill. I haven’t been doing much drawing lately myself. This is another little nudge. (K)

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  2. Love your apples. Loved this lesson. I drew more freely than ever during this lesson in my tracing paper pad!

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    • Yes! 😄 Wasn’t it awesome!! 👍 I think I will stock up on cheap tracing paper pads so when I’m learning to draw a new subject, I can practice on the tracing paper first. So happy you were in the class too, Jodi! 😍

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  3. Nice work, Jill! Apples are such a great subject and so satisfying to do – Lately I have been finding myself using apples as my subjects when I am trying out new media. (Also, it’s a very good time of year to find beautiful, locally grown apples!) I agree, drawing IS super important….but maybe that’s partly because I think of painting as just drawing with a brush!!! 🙂

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  4. I love your focus on “just draw”. I tend to jot down notes in words; drawing is not something I ever did, as, like you, I learned as a child that you must be taught to draw correctly or else…keep it to yourself. Now fifty years later I am seeing it as another way to jot down “notes”. You have reminded me of this. Every drawing is not serious and perfect, just as every thought I write down is not fully formed. Just enjoy and do the activity, that’s what it is all about. Thank you.

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  5. The apple is the perfect fruit to explore with lots of mediums. I love all of your inspired apples.

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  6. Yes, very cool! It is easy to forget to draw with abandon and without trying to hard, thanks for the reminder to let loose!

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  7. I love apples, and yours are so lovely! Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the process and not to worry too much about the outcome!

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