Pie In The Sky

Continuing with the Apple theme for today’s Weird Bird…

I have a slice of humor for you today:


The Apple Pie A’ La Mode Bird

Some days it is good to remember the simple pleasures in life like a slice of pie with ice cream on top!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

18 responses to “Pie In The Sky

  1. A delightful illustration…!

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  2. O M G!!! You know I LOVE this one!!!!

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  3. Simple pleasures…the best. (K)

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  4. Simple is good, very good

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  5. Oh he is wonderful Jill!!

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  6. So true… and your bird is so delightful!

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  7. So cute Jill, love the frivolity of your uplifting art and posts

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  8. I love the Apple Pie Ala mode bird. Now I want some pie and ice cream!

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  9. You’re so creative. And fun. I love the mix of material.

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