Seeing Pink

Yesterday, I did a little printing on my Gelli-Plate – and maybe it was the color of the plastic table cloth…


But I was SEEING pink!  🙂


Maybe it was because I took a photo of these pretty pink roses in my yard before Jack Frost arrived:


Or seeing these blushing blueberry bushes:


I was definitely seeing PINK!


I’d love to hear how nature inspires you in your art making – I hope you share it with me!

Cheers! 🙂

11 responses to “Seeing Pink

  1. I think color is what inspires me, and I am loving your pink!

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  2. Wonderful colors! Color and shapes. That about sums it up. (K)

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  3. I am always so attracted to pink! LOVE your gelli prints and inspiration!!!

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  4. I can never get enough pink, your images are awesome!

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  5. I love your pink inspiration, beautiful photos and art. What can I say, nature is my main inspiration for art and of course the spiritual.

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