The Pick Of The Day

I imagine you are a bit nosey about the title of my post…

Well, today’s FUNny Fish Fry-Day is one that stands out, let’s face it!


This fish “Nose” is like no other!  Do you think it has an excellent sense of smell?

Only the nose knows!  Lol! 😉

Happy Weekend Friends! 🙂

9 responses to “The Pick Of The Day

  1. I’m enjoying these Jill. Smiles for my morning. (K)

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  2. I smell a winner!!! 🤣💛

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  3. HAHA – He does look a bit “nosey”. Have a beautiful day Jill, I will do the same.

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  4. OMG! 😜😂🤣😂👆🏻👃🏻

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