The Art Of Noticing

I recently started a new online class with Lynn Whipple called, “Joy Stuff – The Art of Noticing.”  The class is hosted by

This class is about creating art in a journal or sketchbook:


I liked that we would be using monoprints from the Gelli Plate (what I call gelli-prints) and inspiration from nature:

I also liked the idea of making pages in advance like the ones I did here:


And then writing in them later or adding more art.  I know that I can always cover up what I don’t like with gesso! 😉

It is a new way of creating a journal for me – creating pages ahead of time so I am experimenting with new ideas:


Like adding a pocket as you can see on the left page above.  I also discovered that the washi tape adheres better with a little matte medium (glue) on top.

I will be posting more of my journal as I work on it.

And I’d love to hear your ideas!  I hope you share them with me.

Make today awesome!

Cheers! 🙂

18 responses to “The Art Of Noticing

  1. This does look joyful! (K)

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  2. I am so happy that you have an inquisitive mind because we all benefit! ❤ I Adore your creations….with a capital A!

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    • Thank you so much Margaret! 😍 I enjoy learning new things in my art making plus I enjoy the connection and friendships I have made over the years. I especially enjoy taking classes from Carla Sonheim and the other teachers she hosts on a variety of topics. 💕🎨👍

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  3. I like your direction for your journal. I like to add pockets and fold outs for surprise.

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  4. Looks like tons of fun Jill! Joy for sure!

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  5. Jill these are just pure magic!
    fun and filled with adventure… love the first one and the flower in magenta with orange watercolor below is sooo cool!
    wow. wonderful. Are these courses free? you said they’re online, do they cost much? wondering….!!!

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    • Hi Debi! 😃 I did all my papers on the Gelli plate. The one that looks like watercolor is actually a print of a plant I color copied first (an idea I learned in another class) and then I printed over it with acrylics on the Gelli Plate. These classes aren’t free but Carla Sonheim does offer some free ones during summer – for kids of all ages! 👍 Check out and go to her online classes to see all that she is offering. I think they are a good value for the money and I always enjoy her classes so much! Plus they have lifetime access. I’m glad you like what I have created here. 😍 Cheers!


  6. Creating pages ahead of time sounds very good to me! I like your double page with the pocket and the flower with the delicate paper below a lot! Putting some matte medium on top of the washi tape – what a great idea!

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