A Value Study

I’m taking an online art class with Karine Swenson, hosted by Carla Sonheim…  (Yes, I know I’m addicted to online art classes!)  This one is a little different for me as it is learning to slow down, observe and draw a subject of my choosing.

I chose a pear.  Sounds PEAR-fectly easy, doesn’t it?


I have done several sketches of this golden fruit and it is not as easy as it apPEARS!

These are some scribbly pencil studies I did yesterday:


The one with the added shadows is my pick of the crop!

Onto a value study with Conte crayons.  The first one looks a little like a leaning tower of PEARZA! Lol!  🙂

It really helps to look at a photo of what you are trying to draw – as I could SEE where I needed to make some corrections:


A little more balanced now… I still need to draw it MANY more times, PEARhaps!

The value study is to help me understand my subject better before I paint it.  I think I will try to paint in watercolors and acrylic next week.

Karine said that one of her teachers told her, “the subject doesn’t have to be perfect, just believable.”  Good advice.

Happy Monday!

Cheers! 🙂

12 responses to “A Value Study

  1. It’s always valuable to revisit the same subject…and interesting to compear (it’s catching!) (K)

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  2. You are so cute with your Pear references! Your last value study is fabulous! Sketch on!

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  3. they look Pearfect to me!

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  4. Hi Jill – I love your sense of humor. There is always a guaranteed laugh from your posts. Nicely drawn pear today, it “pearfect” and beleivable!

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  5. First apples, and now pears…pretty soon you’ll have drawn a whole bowl of fruit, Jill! Nice work 🙂

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  6. This looks so pretty! I love the colors you used. I understand that drawing simple objects is not always simple or easy. Oh and I loved the pear puns😁

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