What Did You Do?

What did you do this last weekend?

I got caught up on two online class videos on Saturday and started two pear paintings.  I used a limited palette in watercolors and found this to be a challenging exercise using only complementary colors…

My first one was using yellow and purple:


And my second color PEAR-ing was orange and blue:


I struggled getting the affect I wanted or maybe I was trying to hard to be PEAR-fect!

Does this ever happen to you?

After MANY layers, I decided to quit and eat my pear for a snack! Lol! 😉

I got caught up on some housework on Sunday and made a delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup in the crock pot.  Overall, I’d say I had a pretty great weekend.

How about you?

Cheers! 🙂

21 responses to “What Did You Do?

  1. It was a busy weekend here. Mostly cleaning but on Sunday I went to see my daughter run in her first ever half marathon and of course I got out with the dog and took photographs for my blog. Great pears by the way. They are my favourite food to paint.

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  2. Interesting challenge! I love to paint with a limited palette, it really makes the result cohesive~ both pears are lovely…

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  3. Beautiful pears! I want some chicken tortilla soup!! 😝

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    • Hi Jodi! 😃 I really liked how the soup turned out. I made it a little different this time by cooking the chicken separately on the Traeger and adding it to the soup at the end with all the wonderful toppings! Even hubby liked it! 👍

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  4. Love your pear of pears. 😁 I had a good weekend too.❤🍁🍂

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  5. A beautiful “pair of pears”. Isn’t amazing the english language has so many words that are the same with different meanings. 😻

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  6. The pears are pear-fect, for sure. Your soup sounds great – I have chili in the slow cooker right now. It’s getting to be soup and chili weather, finally 😘

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    • Thank you Carol 😍 Love chili in the slow cooker too! 👍 like that we are finally having some cooler weather – Autumn seems especially beautiful this year with the trees turning colors. 🍂🍁

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  7. Your pears look great! I didn´t do much this weekend, I needed a rest. But we took a long walk through the rainy fields around Wiesbaden with the dog, that was refreshing!

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  8. Saturday I went for a short hike, then tidied up around the house a bit b/c Sunday I went to Central Valley for birding. I had a great day birding, and even stopped in at my favorite or one of my favorite drive-in with a bell hop hamburger joints. I had a Guaco-burger, and half an order of fries. I love their fries and Guaco burgers! I had to diet yesterday for that, but yum!

    Your soup sounds great! I love a good Chicken Tortilla soup.

    I have gotten so far behind with the online art course I bought. I need to get back on it! I haven’t painted in weeks or even drawn a thing. 😦

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    • Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend, Deborah! 😄👍 I will look forward to seeing some of your bird photos on IG! 🐦 And the Gauc burger does sound yummy! It just feels like soup weather lately but I think it is all the toppings that make the tortilla soup so good – like avocados! 🥑
      I have a hard time keeping up with my online classes too but I try doing a little when I can. The pears I did in between chores around the house! 😉 Nice talking with you – I hope you have a great day. I’m off to work! 😍

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