Bird Watching

I think I saw a Mountain Chickadee on my Crabapple tree yesterday morning…

That was before my cat, The Bird Watcher scared it away!

It was my inspiration for a page in the art journal that I told you about in my post here:  The Art Of Noticing


I must say, it was super fun to color with my Prismacolor pencils in a rainbow of colors!  I felt like a child again.

What creative activities help you feel young at heart?! ❤️  I hope you share them with me.

Happy Bird Watching!  🙂

14 responses to “Bird Watching

  1. Colored pencils for sure! And the smell of Stockmar Wax Blocks (, loved to paint with them as a kid. 😊

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    • Thanks for sharing the link with me, Ann! They look like color crayons in block form – very cool! I still enjoy the smell of a new box of color crayons – it takes me back to my childhood too! 💜🎨😃

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  2. At least he only scared the bird away…mine would have eaten it! Sadly birds don’t visit my yard often anymore 😦

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    • Well, he has eaten plenty… I can handle the birds better than the dead mice and baby bunnies. 😳 I don’t like that part of owning an outdoor kitty as they do tend to scare away the birds! 🐦


  3. This would be my cats! Fortunately they are too slow for the birds!

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    • At least chasing birds give them a little activity! Lol! 😄 If I see my cat getting ready to make a pounce on some unfortunate birdy, I open the door so the bird flies away… The neighbors have a bird feeder that my cat visits but at least he catches the mice that are also attracted by the bird seed. 👍🐦


  4. Love it! My cat can only watch from the window since he’s an indoor cat, but he enjoys the hummingbirds! 🐱🐥🐥

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  5. Oh, how colorful, nature at its best. Prismacolors do not disappoint. I would say all creative activities make me feel young at heart. Right now I’m making a Halloween hat out of a large paper bag. I’ll be sure to post it.

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  6. oh what a fun and joyful piece!! to feel young at heart in art would likely be coloring in a coloring book, which I look forward to doing with my granddaughter in the coming years 🙂

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  7. ah, you are on the way with joy stuff! Great!

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