And The Materials Are…

I wanted to show you the collage materials that went into making my weird bird from yesterday:


Did you guess ALL 10 materials?  Well, if not, let me help you out!

  1.  I started my bird collage with a word from this children’s dictionary for my bird’s body.  It started me thinking about a sewing theme.


2.  I altered pages from this old sewing book with acrylics before using it as part of the bird’s tail and nest materials.


3.  I color copied a doodle I did previously and cut it up for my bird’s hat.

4.  I used my gelli-printed deli papers for my bird’s head, wing and nest materials.


5.  A paint sample card for the bird’s eye but I didn’t like the yellow color so I turned it over and used the other side with the bar code!

6.  An old button was perfect for the top of the hat.

7.  A sequin for the eye.

8.  Old sheet music that I gelli-printed for the base of the nest.


9.  Swedish Tracing Paper that I had gelli-printed a feather stencil – this tracing paper feels more like a fabric.  It is a super fun material to collage with BTW!  I think I purchased it on Amazon.  It comes in a large roll.  I used it under the bird’s body for the nest.


10.  Tissue from an old dress pattern was used over the sheet music for the nest – a fun element of surprise. 😉

I usually use a glue stick to glue everything down and outline my bird with pencil to give it a little dimension.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the FUN I put into this BEST Dressed Bird!

Cheers! 🙂


10 responses to “And The Materials Are…

  1. wow – loved seeing all the pieces that went into this! I can only imagine the scene of you doing it with all of these wonderful colorful pieces and parts all over your workspace!! ❤

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  2. Cool array of materials…I’m with Jodi, I can just see your workspace. If you are like me I’m forever losing my scissors and glue under my papers and do-dads while I’m working. Haha

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    • Hi Sharon, thank you! ❤️ I do tend to loose things on my work table like you! 😄 I used to be more neat but now I find what is on my desk often gets used so I try to keep a variety out and ready. 🎨👍

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  3. Oh my! I kept finding myself thinking, “Oh, she cut up and tore that lovely vintage book! Oh, I would save that button! That pattern, she cut the pattern!”
    Then I thought, ” Deborah, you’ve got hording thoughts going on. Give it Up! Jill’s found a beautiful, fun, and creative way to repurpose all of those things and give them new life”!

    All thoughts of hording those things are gone. I admire your creativity immensely!

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    • I used to have similar thoughts but then I decided that if I don’t “use” them, someone else might get them and just throw them away! So I just try to enjoy what I have for today. 🙂 Not always easy to do though so I understand completely! Thanks for the smiles Deborah! 🙂

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  4. Your imagination knows no bounds!

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  5. I enjoyed seeing your bird and reading about all the lovely pieces that went into it! I don’t have many collage papers; taking Carla’s next class would be a great opportunity, but I am not sure I can find the time and energy to do it!

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    • Thank you Suzanne! ❤️ I’d like to take the next class on collage also but I’m like you, I don’t feel like I have the energy right now… I do enjoy her classes though! 😍


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