A Walk In The Park

It was an amazing fall day yesterday in the Pacific Northwest!  Hubby and I took advantage of this blue-sky day by taking a walk at Manito Park.

It seems that everywhere we looked, nature was showing her glorious autumn colors:



It was wonderful to see so many people out enjoying the day… we saw people taking family photos, several dog walkers and many people just breathing in the beauty like us.

It was easy to put the busy work week behind us when we were dazzled by these colors as they reflected on this pond:


And with such a spectacular photo like this one:


Life’s troubles seemed to disappear.

Wishing you a moment to reflect on the beauty around you today…

Cheers! 🙂

19 responses to “A Walk In The Park

  1. Beautiful Jill! We are going to take a drive today to enjoy some stellar autumn weather~

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  2. Stunning images Jill, we don’t have to much color change in Thousand Oaks, but I do appreciate what we have. Enjoy your day.

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  3. Beautiful! That last one takes. MY breath away!!

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  4. Nature has such a healing effect on us! Wonderful photos, Jill! Have a great Sunday!

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  5. Beautiful, they are a sure sign that Autumn is at is very best, colorful.

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  6. Beautiful colours and perfectly captured with your camera.

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  7. Beautiful and peaceful photos!

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