50 Fish FINale

YAY! I did it!!  🙂  I created 50 fish on Instagram before October 31st!!  WHOOT!!

Perhaps you remember the art challenge with two creative friends started on September 1st that I told you about here, Catch The Fun

I enjoyed creating a fish almost every day in a different art medium.  (Click on “Fish” in the drop down of catagories on the right of your screen to see more).  It became a real challenge to come up with a new way to create a fish each day!

Some fish, I wanted to throw back into the creative pool…


And some I envisioned differently…


But I decided as long as I was having fun…


Then I was HAPPY!

My FINished fish with a little Halloween twist!


Happy fishing!!

Cheers! 🙂

17 responses to “50 Fish FINale

  1. Wow, great job and what a lovely result, the result is so interesting! I wish I had your patience to complete a challenge like that.

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  2. Hooray. You are so e-fish-isn’t to accomplish such a challenge! Very much enjoyed the journey under the sea!

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  3. Congratulations on reaching your goal, and thanks for taking us along on this fishy adventure! 🐠 🐠 🐠

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  4. I love them all Jill! The second one look like it’s made of pennies! Love the ghost fish especially, so clever!

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    • Thanks so much Jenna! 🎣💚 I didn’t think of pennies, but you are right! 😊 I was thinking pumpkins at the time but the ghost fish turned out more Halloweenie! 😉👻


  5. What a very happy and fishy accomplishment, Jill. Now, what are your going to do?

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  6. Your fish are amazing, and I’ve enjoyed them all. Congrats for finishing the challenge and doing so well at it! I truly believe you could create anything that was set before you as a challenge. You’re so creative, and talented!

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