Ahoy Matey!

Avast ye!  (Listen up!)

It is that time of year again to go, Trick er Treatin’ and collect some treasure! (Candy)

Last year, I carved a pumpkin, you can see my post here:  Sir Earhand, A Ghost And Frank

This year, I decide to draw one:


I remember many childhood years of “Trick or Treating” in our neighborhood and filling a plastic pumpkin bucket full of Halloween candy.  How about you?

When we returned home, my sister and I always had to dump out all our candy on our pink bedspreads and compare our “booty” er, candy!!

I think my older sister was a pirate one year…  we usually had create our costumes instead of buying a one.  One of my favorite memories was when my sis dressed up as Granny… but that is for another year!

Yo-ho-ho! (Hahaha)

Happy Halloween to the child in all of us! 🙂

10 responses to “Ahoy Matey!

  1. I love your very creative swashbuckling pumpkin! We used to come up with our own costumes when we were a little older, which usually led to being a hobo. I remember I had a plastic cigar and when it was squeezed, talcum powder puffed out the end like smoke. Thanks for that memory and Happy Halloween!

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  2. stronglotusyogi

    I love the pumpkin! Such great memories of Halloween when we were kids ☺️

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  3. Love your pirate pumpkin Jill! I am going to see my grands dressed up this afternoon and watch them all go off together for a night of candy collecting, can’t wait!

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  4. This pumpkin pirate is very classy. I love your techniques for textures. Happy Hallowen.

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  5. such an awesome pumpkin pirate!!! and oh the sweet memories of pillow cases full of loot dumped on our bed!!! 🙂

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