Nature’s Confetti

I took these photos, last Saturday when I tookΒ A Walk In The Park

I hope to paint some of these trees in watercolor but work has been extra busy this week …

So for now, I wrote a haiku to share with these photos:


Things are looking up!


Fall leaves scatter unaware…


Nature’s confetti

Isn’t it wonderful how nature helps us notice the simple pleasures in life and celebrate its beauty?!

Cheers! πŸ™‚

13 responses to “Nature’s Confetti

  1. Inspiration is all around us if we only open our eyes and hearts!

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  2. Nature’s confetti – I like it!

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  3. Very inspiring Jill, haiku is such a wondeful way to communicate.

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  4. Nature’s confetti, I love it!

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  5. Nature puts on a grand show, Jill.

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  6. Beautul autumn colours Jill, they would make a lovely soft water colour.

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