New Collage Paper Series

Paper collage is one of my FAVORITE art mediums!!

I thought it would be fun to show you how I create some of my own papers AND ways YOU can use collage in your art.

I hope you join in the fun each Thursday! 

Today’s collage paper is a random pattern I created with markers on a 9 x 12 inch sheet of 90 lb paper.  I used Uni Posca pens in this design:


Next, I copied my design on my HP All-In-One Printer that I recently purchased on sale for only $200! It is a HP 8720 – I have to say, very EASY to use AND it makes awesome color copies!

Can you tell which is the original and the copy?

I think the copy is on the right! Lol! 😉

Making color copies of my own artwork is one of my favorite ways to create collage material.  It seems so easy and it is!!

Next Thursday, I will show an example of how I used this copy of my patterned paper in my artwork.

I hope you join me!

Cheers!  🙂


14 responses to “New Collage Paper Series

  1. Isn’t technology amazing? (K)

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  2. how interesting! Looking forward to your collage creations!

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  3. I love your process Jill, you have certainly inspired me to make pattern designs to used in my projects. I can’t wait to see where these patterns will show up in your next magical mystery art journey.

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  4. Your collage papers are truly awesome: So full of life and positve energy! They are so much yourself! Can’t wait to see what you will create from these papers! Have fun!

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  5. Awesome! And looks like a great printer!

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  6. What a lovely fall inspired round-up of your creative life! Enjoy autumn … with all it’s colors and flavors.

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