Faded Memories

I came across my mom’s college scrapbook the other day…


These flower corsages were taped to the first page.

The tape had yellowed with time but the flowers were amazingly still intact.

I wondered what special memories these dances held for my mom that inspired her to keep the corsages.  So I wrote this poem:

Faded and fragile,

Memories like flowers,

Pressed into a book.

Unspoken dreams,

Slip away, quietly

Like an unsung melody.

I found such sentimental beauty and hope in these dried flowers.  Sometimes it is the small things we hold dear and maybe press into a book to be discovered by someone else, some day if we make the time to notice.

Have you ever pressed a flower into a book?  I hope you share the memory with me!

Cheers!  🙂

15 responses to “Faded Memories

  1. How wonderful that she kept them so beautifully! I press leaves I like in books, but I’ve never tried flowers. I do remember the corsages from high school dances though…do they still do that? Neither of my daughters ever went to a dance in high school, not even the prom. (K)

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    • Hi Kerfe, I think they still give corsages in HS – not sure about college though. I didn’t go to any HS dances but I did attend quite a few college ones. Sweet memories. I have pressed flowers into books and leaves. They are always fun to discover again. 🌹

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  2. What a sweet sentiment.

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    • Yes, I find I must keep them at least for a little while. I wish my mom would have shared her memories with me more when she was alive but she died much too young at age 70 from heart problems. ❤️


  3. how sweet and special!! I do have a few flowers pressed in my yearbook too LOL – but how sweet of you to discover these!!! ❤

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    • It was an unexpected surprise. 😃 I have pressed flowers my hubby has given me for special ocassions through the years. Always a nice surprise when I discover one! ❤️ How special that you kept some tucked away in your yearbook. 🌹

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  4. Good morning Jill. It’s wonderful that you have these scrapbook memories of your mom’s. I cherish my grandmother’s high school scrapbok from 1917. It is filled with lots of momentos, including dance cards. She always had a list of fellas, listed on her cards. 🙂

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    • Hi Sharon! Yes, I inherited all my families albums. Seems we have the space and I am the most sentimental. ❤️ How special for you to have your grandmother’s scrapbook from so long ago. Sounds like your grandma was a special lady. 🌹 And a good dancer! 🌟


  5. omg, that is incredible, have you stopped crying yet??

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  6. That’s awesome! From reading the dates she has written by each one, it looks like both of our moms were in school at about the same time! 😀

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  7. I don’t think she did, however I showed her your post and she did say she graduated from high school in 1951. 😀

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