Patterned Socks

I wrote a little Limerick for you today…

There once was a red-tailed hawk,

Who liked to wear patterned socks,

He was quite the sight,

Especially in flight…

All birds thought his socks made him rock!!


I’m wearing my patterned socks today, how about you?!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!!

Cheers!  🙂

15 responses to “Patterned Socks

  1. His socks do rock!!!

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  2. You know I love a good limerick!

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  3. HeeHee Jill, we all love patterned socks and a good limerick. I always look forward to the crazy bird happenings on Wednesday.

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  4. Rocking red tailed hawk socks! Your hawks socks rock. 😅😁✋💖👏🤗 You know how much fun I am having Jill!

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  5. He’s got his eye on something…(K)

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  6. LOL! That’s awesome! I’m wearing solid mauve wool socks today. Honestly, I rarely wear patterned socks. I’m boring with socks. Your bird is outstanding. I love his wing text too!

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    • Well, to be honest, my socks are all really plain too. I have patterns in my socks but they are of the same color. I did have some really wild socks but I never wore them so I gave them away. 😉 Wool socks sound nice and warm. 👍 Thanks for noticing the text on the wing – I was thinking about how patterns became popular in men’s socks a couple of years ago. 😁

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