Painted Papers

I was hoping to show you today how I created a collage with last Thursday’s paper in my: New Collage Paper Series

BUT I had so much FUN creating new painted papers last Friday – see a “square” sample of each paper in Collage Confetti 

I got a bit distracted…

I discovered that I don’t have to have a Gelli Plate to create the “watery” look of gelli-printed papers.  I can use deli paper – as a printing press!  WHOOT!! 🙂


Here is a photo of some of the supplies I used:


Dixie Kabnet Wax is the brand of deli paper I used.  I purchased a lifetime supply (seems that way) from Amazon.  😉

Other supplies I found helpful were a foam brush, water spray bottle, brayer and some mark making tools (I think I got the 4 texture tools at Dick Blick).

I prefer to use Golden’s Fluid Acrylic paint but I you could use any acrylic paint.

I also like to used a plastic tablecloth to protect my surface.  This is a great activity to do outdoors if possible!   It is winter where I live so I used my kitchen where I have the best light and most room to spread out.


I found that I could put a layer of paint on one sheet of deli paper with a sponge brush or brayer, add water with a spray bottle and then use a mark making tool to create a pattern.  Next, I layed a dry sheet of deli paper on top and made a print!


After the first layer had dried, I could add more layers like the example above.  I used Canson mixed media paper to make the print from deli paper.

I added color like the brown paint above by placing some paint on a paper plate and using one of the plastics texture tools to apply it to the paper.

I discovered that I could even use thin, inexpensive computer paper to make a print like in the top example (below).   The second print (with more blue) was done on the deli paper.


I like the transparency of deli paper in my collages.  And the paper is thin so a glue stick works well for a quick collage like for one of my weird birds such as The Flower Bird


I hope I gave you some ideas for making your own printed collage paper.

Cheers to creative art making that brings you JOY! 🙂

16 responses to “Painted Papers

  1. Interesting ways of solving a problem! You can also make your own gelatine plate if you need to. Instructions on this nice blog:
    You can also roll out paint, ink on plexiglass or glass and take a print from that. That came before gelatine printing. 😉 Looking forward to see what you do with these!

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    • Hi Arlene, I have made my own gelatine plate before the Gelli Plate existed but thank you for the link. I was excited to find an inexpensive material such as the deli paper to use as a print making tool. Plus I like to use it in my collages. Fun to play! 😃

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  2. Lots of great ideas here Jill. And a spray bottle…why didn’t I think of that? Thanks! (K)

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  3. This is a whole new arena for me, and it looks like so much fun! I would definitely have to do it outside, I can make such a mess it’s scary! Very cool!

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    • It is so fun, Jenna! 😃 I remember the time I had a blue paint bottle explode in the kitchen all over the floor, cupboards and me! 😳 It is best to do this outdoors but as you see, it is addicting! And I just try to be extra careful like don’t force paint out of a bottle… lol! ☺️ Glad you enjoyed my experimental play! 👍


  4. I was waiting for these fabulous prints. I love them all, Jill. Great experience I’m sure and experimenting

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  5. WOWZA! This is AWESOME!

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  6. Thanks for explaining your process. Very cool, and I love your creativity with these papers!

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  7. Jill, this looks like so much fun! I love the prints and look forward to seeing what you do next with them. Karen

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