Cat Napping


Comfy warm blanket…

Black cat sleeping on the couch,

Move over kitty!


I thought my watercolor pattern from my last post looked like a fabric quilt so I painted an image of my black cat, Jack with Sumi ink on a separate piece of paper.  I cut out his shape, added some shading and placed him on the pattern.

Seems like a good day for a cat nap, how about you?

Cheers! 🙂

10 responses to “Cat Napping

  1. He looks like he’s ready for company! (and an excellent haiku) (K)

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  2. That is really clever Jill! Using the pattern from your previous post as a blanket for your kitty. I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had the chance to visit your blog. You have done lovely work. I really like the prints you made. I have dried leaves (thank goodness as snow covers the ground today) and of course, I bought the gelli plate last year, and your post makes me want to experiment…but not today. Too much to do! Love your work!

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    • Hi Louise! 😃 I understand about being busy as I seem to always be behind. Lol! 😄 I’m happy you enjoyed my art. ❤️ So cool that you bought a Gelli plate! 🎨👍 Thank you for your kind comments! 😍 Always so nice to hear from you. 😃


  3. What a great idea for Sami. I love the boldness of the Sumi Ink. And, this background really sets him off, he pops right off the page. Grand art today Jill!

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  4. Love the mixing you are doing with your art, you created a wonderful energy in this piece. Jack is a cutie.

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