Making “Time” For Art

One of the things I enjoyed about the recent collage class I took from collage artist, Kara Kramer was making collages with a few set rules…  I’m not one that normally likes to follow the rules when making art so let me explain!

One of the rules, er, prompts was to use a 4×6 inch index card for the base.  Next, we were to set a 3 minute timer… I went with 5 minutes instead.

Another “restriction” was to use our own handpainted collage papers with a word or two cut from a magazine or our own handwritten words:


And the fourth “suggestion” was to use specific shapes for each collage such as I used squares in the “Read” one above – they look kind of like books, don’t you think?  And for “Ideas” I used organic shapes.

Below for “Dancing Designs,” I used angular shapes.  I must have been dreaming when creating “Dreamer” as it took me about 15 minutes to glue strips with a glue stick!


I enjoyed creating my own “rules” for making some of these quick collages too such as circles on a solid colored background for “Wish” and circular shapes for “Art.”


I have to say that these were super fun to do!  I now have a whole “list” of ideas I want to try for 5 minute collages.

I’m sure I can find 5 minutes to make a little art during this busy week.  How about you?

Cheers!  🙂

P.S. Have you ever created art with a few restrictions?  What was your results?  I hope you share them with me!

11 responses to “Making “Time” For Art

  1. I can see someone standing on a corner handing these little cards out to brighten up a day…but of course you’ve handed them all out to us this morning! (K)

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  2. Great creative ideas and “rules”

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  3. I’m not much for rules either, but sometimes it really helps to get things accomplished! The college class that had the most effect on me was a class where we were required to do one 2″x3″ drawing or sketch a day. It could be anything but one had to be done everyday…sort of like your 5 minute rule…the size limitation made it doable…plus everyday provided ideas for future days…Love all your colorful theme collages!

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  4. Five minutes? you bet! It will be even better to have longer so hope to make that five minutes stretch out. 😊💙🎨

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  5. Very cool Jill, sometimes a few rules just set the stage for our take-off. Your are soaring!

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