Dear Friend,

How are you?  I’m fine… well, really, I’m tired but I think we are all feeling a bit tired this time of year.

I’ve been enjoying some time off from work…

How about you, what have you been doing?

I decided to try something new in my art journal.  I cut three shapes from my hand-painted papers and glued them to my page.  Then I added some watercolors, as you can see on the left.

Next, I added some doodles with a black micron pen.  I added more watercolor to finish my page, as you can see on the right:

What do you think?

I hope you are well.

Your friend,


24 responses to “Hello!

  1. Love it Jill. Looks like something I could get into. Haven’t done art for months. I’m missing it but my space is still very cluttered. I’m getting there but it’s a long slow process.

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  2. Good Morning Jill….I can just see you adding all of the components of this design and throughly enjoying yourself. Pure happiness to my eye! Glad you took some time off from work.

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  3. Lovely! Kuddos to you for trying new things, enjoying the creative process. Always fun to see what you are up to enjoy your artwork.

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  4. Lots of good energy. (K)

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  5. Happy art work, you did here Jill! So much like you!
    I try to carve out a tiny piece of art time too every day. Driving every day to my father who is in hospital takes so much time and leaves me very tired in the evenings too! Art time and sometimes simply visiting an exhibition gives me some energy!

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    • Hi Suzanne, thank you! 😊 I’m sorry to hear your dad is still in the hospital. This can be time consuming and emotionally draining. 😔 Good idea to visit an exhibition too! 💙 Sending hugs! 😘xo


  6. I love it Jill! I am hoping to get some doodle time today! Recovering from the family weekend!!

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  7. Your art is always so interesting!

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  8. This is so beautiful and creative. I love your posts. I think I should start an art journal too..

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