A Square Idea

This collage was very therapeutic for me to make!


Perhaps it was cutting the squares and circles from my stash of hand-painted papers…


Or the act of glueing them to a piece of 9×12 inch paper?

I discovered that having the right tools made a big difference:


Cutter Bee scissors, may be small in size but they are SHARP!  And making cutting paper a breeze!

I recently discovered Elmers, EXTRA STRENGTH glue sticks at Staples Office Supply store.  I purchased a case of 12 to save money.  I find they do have that little something EXTRA to glue the heavier papers. 🙂


I enjoyed the process of balancing color and patterns as I filled my paper.  Some of the squares hung over the paper but I kind of liked that it wasn’t perfectly square.


I enjoyed adding circles that weren’t perfectly round and taking my time to fill each circle with color:


I finished it by adding some smaller circles on top of the larger ones:


It reminds me of decorating the house for Christmas…

Wishing you a JOY filled day – Cheers! 🙂

P.S.  This is a fun way to use up some paper scraps from other projects.

12 responses to “A Square Idea

  1. Jill this is beautiful! It would make a wonderful quilt. (K)

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  2. LOVE it! It’s like a quilt! How big is it! SO beautiful 🙂

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  3. Great idea Jill, it’s a project I love to do too.

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  4. So cute Jill! Was it hard cutting up all your pretty paper though? Fabulous result, it would make a wonderful fabric!

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    • Thank you Jenna, I actually made MORE papers for this project! Lol! 😃 Funny, that I never seem to have enough! 😉 I only have a few papers that I don’t want to cut up but most of the time, I just enjoy using them. ❤️


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