A Square Project

A square idea

And a square book…

A square project

That has me hooked!


I’m so excited about this square project that I have planned for 2018!!  Perhaps you remember my paper collaged squares I did in December?

I kept working on it and it has grown in size and dimension:


So I decided I would keep adding to it!  Each month in 2018, I will add a section.  I hope to play with different colors, materials, techniques and inspiration and record my journey in my square journal and here on my blog.

I also want to learn how to create fabric with my patterns on Spoonflower.  🙂

May you be inspired to start a year-long project of discovery too!  I hope you share it with me so we can encourage each other.

Cheers! 🙂

14 responses to “A Square Project

  1. Hi Jill – these patterns and texture will be wonderful on fabric. I would love several yards to make something. I’ll look forward to the process.

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  2. Spoonflower is perfect for your designs, exciting!!

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  3. What a cool project!! Can’t wait to see how it evolves! And yay for Spoonflower, that’s awesome! 😃

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  4. awesome! I would like to look into spoonflower too! Let me know what you learn 🙂

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  5. All those planets…(K)

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  6. Looks great! Can’t wait to see more! 😍

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