Joy Is In The Journey

Yesterday, I decided to play with some new stencils I purchased recently from Stencil Girl Products.  They have several free tutorials on their site too:

They have such a variety in stencils that it wasn’t easy for me to make a choice!  I am very impressed with their quality of stencils too.  Below are a variety of papers and color experiments:


I also did a page in one of my art journals, Joy is in the Journey:


I found this quote online, “Focus on the journey, not the destination.  Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” – Greg Anderson

Creating art is that way for me… I find JOY in the process of creating.  I also like it when I am pleased with my results!  How about you?

Cheers! 🙂

22 responses to “Joy Is In The Journey

  1. These look great…like block prints. Might be fun to try on fabric…(K)

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  2. Looks like you enjoyed this process. And remember that an artist can make the journey as long or short as she desires. Control of the ending is all in your hands.

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  3. Indeed Joy is in the Journey!!!

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  4. Time well spent Jill, I always will take the path of joy. :0)

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  5. “It’s not the destination its the glory of the ride…!” Nice prints!

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  6. So beautiful! Love your stencil art! And the quote is great, thanks for sharing it! 💕


  7. I agree with that quote! I love the stencils, and the colors you chose. I thought textiles when I first saw them, not paper!

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  8. I’ve never played with stencils, but it sure looks like fun! Enjoy the journey!

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  9. Looks like fun and the colors are wonderful. I like your quote too. I need to be more like you and enjoy the whole process of just doing art. I tend to get too caught up in the end result that I start to feel stressed instead of creative! Good advice!

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