A Donkey-Pig

I was went to target practice yesterday… with a paint brush and acrylic paint!


It was an experiment in mixing and layering opaque acrylic paints.  I started with a base of yellow, red and blue.  I mixed variations with white, gray and black paint.

Below is a sample of each one on one page:


I’m not real excited about the colors and found the exercise a bit tedious.  Yet, it was good practice with learning to use a paint brush in small spaces.

I created this donkey-pig with overlapping circles:


I learned this technique in Carla Sonheim’s 365 – Creating Art Everyday online class.

I hope you are on target for a fabulous day!

Cheers! 🙂

10 responses to “A Donkey-Pig

  1. Looks like a fun experiment, and your donkey pig is adorable! I hope you have an art filled day!

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  2. Exercises like this are great for practicing and an esseenital part of learning in art I think – good job Jill….

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  3. Funky targets and love the donkey pug. So unique!

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  4. I’m laughing, good practice and you’ve added the happy whimsical Jill touch!

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  5. I like those circles…it’s always interesting to see how one color can change another.
    and of course another wonderful creature! (K)

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