Piccolo was very proud of her double chins because when she sang, they vibrated and produced the most beautiful sound through the hole in her neck, almost like a small flute… a Piccolo:


Double chins CAN be beautiful!! Lol!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

15 responses to “Piccolo

  1. As usual, you make me smile Jill! (K)

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  2. I think you’ve outdone yourself here! Wow!

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  3. haha, where do you come up with this stuff, so creative!!

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  4. So …you are truly blessed…Keep rocking❤

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  5. Haha Jill, you find the humor in our aging…thank you!

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  6. Ha Ha!!!! LOVE it!!! Oh how I love weird bird wednesday!

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  7. Glad to hear that! Piccolo and I rock our double chins 😂🤣

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