Black And White

The theme for this week’s collage challenge from Randel Plowman’s book, “The Collage Workbook,” is black and white.  You can find out more about this art challenge, here: White Out

My first collage is 9×9 inches; I combined old book pages, magazine images, my own doodles, postage stamps, a fortune from a fortune cookie and two leaves from scrapbook paper:


Any ideas for titles?

My second collage is 4×6 inches.  I used images from an art magazine:


I had fun creating these collages yesterday evening.  What a great way to relax!

Happy Friday!

Cheers! 🙂

12 responses to “Black And White

  1. Love black and white!

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  2. I loved the creativity❤

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  3. This is very nice Jill. I would call it “A Fortune” 😉

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  4. The black and white makes them very dramatic! Collage still terrifies me!!

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  5. These collages really grab my attention. The many shades of Black and White intrigue me and how you layered the images.

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