Roses In Winter


I wrote this quote in my art journal for my square project that I told you about in December.  You can read more about it here, A Square Project 

I have been working on my January pattern and it is complete!  I will post it tomorrow.

I have always liked this saying as it reminds me of my mom and Mary Engelbreit.

My mom grew the most beautiful and fragrant roses.  I can still see the colors in my mind and smell their sweet scent.  Mom had a beautiful yard where she spent hours weeding and taking care of the plants.

Mary Engelbreit is one of my favorite artists.  She created an iron-on transfer of this saying that I ironed onto a sweatshirt for my mom.  When my mom passed away in 1999, I held onto that shirt for the longest time.  As it reminded me of mom and her lovely roses.

I think we all have the ability to gather roses in winter in our minds.  Memory to take us back to a warm breeze, soft petals and love for someone who touched our lives in a special way.

Whose memory do you treasure?

Cheers! 🙂

20 responses to “Roses In Winter

  1. That really is a great quote for anyone who gets a little blue in the winter

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  2. Beautiful memories Jill. I have a similar memory. My mother and grandmother were master gardeners and their roses were the prize in the garden. My grandmother loved the Peace Rose and my mom was partial to Yellow Roses. Thanks Jill for your post.

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  3. Lovely. Grandma for sure

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  4. My Mother also loved and grew roses, when she passed away last year it was in our spring and we literally covered her whole coffin in roses from our and our neighbours garden. It was such a fitting tribute.

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  5. Sweet painting and lovely quote!

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  6. My favorite memory is not related to people. It´s the feeling when I left the country all alone to live elsewhere, breaking free of people who were no good for me. It was such a relief, and I was filled with joy and expectations! Thanks for reminding me, Jill! 💕

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