January’s Square Project

I decided to try a color scheme for January’s Square Project.  I used the colors from the thread and brayer technique that I shared with you here; A Daily Creative Practice

The color scheme with the threads is the left photo above.  The photo on the right is copy paper that I blotted my stencils on but I liked it so I used it too.

I decided to stencil the background paper before I added my squares.  I mixed two fluid acrylic paint colors together and used a damp sponge to apply the paint:


I connected the new paper to the December piece by overlapping them and glueing them together with Matte gel medium.  I reinforced the back with paper strips too.

Next, I glued my squares with Elmer’s extra strength glue stick:104DE903-4535-4EE0-9466-BC05506AAFF1

It is looking busy so I added some circles to help focus your eyes on a random pattern:B1C2D4EC-F1BD-4DED-8180-E155D55B449B

I added stenciled flowers in pink on rice paper and a snowflake rubber stamp in blue to some of the circles.

I felt the blue snowflakes were a little bright, so glued deli paper over them to soften the image.

I also added circles of the thread pattern to the pink and white circles and finished them with a small pink circle that I stamped a circular pattern on:


I’m calling this design done! 😉

I wrote notes about about it in my square journal yesterday:


I learned a lot on this one.  I think a more solid color for the squares would have been better.  It is a little busy.  I decided that not every month is going to be a success.

Now that I have gotten one month completed, I am ready to think about February.

I hope to find some insights in this book I purchased from Amazon:


Cheers! 🙂



12 responses to “January’s Square Project

  1. Very nicely done Jill, I like the direction you are going. I would love several yards of your fabric when you complete the project. Combining patterns is so much fun.

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  2. I like that you journaled what you did and love how you are always stretching your creativity!

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  3. You are having too much fun!! You always make me smile and want to push myself and try something different!

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  4. So great! I love how you made the blue of the snowflakes a bit paler, it shows so much about your process and playfulness! It´s true that it seems a bit busy, but maybe that’s how it´s supposed to be. The colors are beautiful! 💕

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  5. This is so fresh and happy! (K)

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