One Tough Old Bird

I decided to change things up today and create a weird bird with scraping paint, like the technique I showed you previously, here: Scraping Paint…

And I wrote a Limerick:

There once was an old bird from Bend,

Whose wild hair stood up on end,

She did have some charm,

With hens on the farm,

Who crowned her Queen of Hair Trends!


Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

May your hair look fabulous today!

Cheers! 🙂

15 responses to “One Tough Old Bird

  1. She is fabulous!! 😀❤️
    Happy Wednesday, Jill!

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  2. LOVE this old bird – and her hair looks a bit like mine first thing in the morning out of bed! 🙂

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  3. Haha, my hair looked like that this morning! I’m going with a trend!

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  4. A wonderful colourful drawing Jill….


  5. LOL! My hair isn’t having a good day much like this tough old bird’s. 🙂
    Your Wednesday birds are great!

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    • Hi Deborah, I finally got my hair cut and colored today. I feel like a new person! Lol! 🤣 I thought most of us could relate to having a bad hair day! ❤️ So happy you enjoy my silly birds! 🐦💕


  6. I bet she’s a tough chick! I can see it in her glance! 😊 So fun!

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  7. oh Jill, I LOVE this one!

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