Where Everyone Hugs…

One of my favorite poems is by Shel SilversteinHug O’War:


If you memorized a poem, what would you choose?

Cheers! ❤️

16 responses to “Where Everyone Hugs…

  1. oh goodness, how cute is this!

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  2. I love the Shel Silverstein poems. Happy day Jill and thanks for the smiles.

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  3. Wonderful! Hugs not tugs to you today Jill.❤

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  4. OH I LOVE THIS!!!! I’ve never heard it! Is it from one of his books? I want to get it!

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  5. I love his poetry! My son actually introduced me to him when he was introduced to him by his 5th grade teacher. She was amazing and one of two that made the biggest impact on his formal education. Shout to Mrs. Hirose!

    This poem has long been a favorite, and I started reading Shel Silverstein to #1 Grandson. I think his work is a perfect place to start after nursery rhymes.
    Where the Sidewalk Ends is our favorite book, but we have two of his works.

    I love your choice of red for this. Passion, and True Love are red.
    Sending HUGS your way! xx

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