It’s Fish Fry-Day!!

I had FISH on my mind yesterday and the Bad Bass Fish I created in my art journal last year:  FUNny Fish Saturday?

When I created this fish lettering:825BEC29-9A3A-482B-A098-E3E1642DDD7F

Wishing you a happy Fry-day!!

Cheers! 🙂

17 responses to “It’s Fish Fry-Day!!

  1. Ha! Jill, I misread your title as ‘Fish Free Day’ and the post is all about fish! Hehehe! My eyes like to play tricks on me at times!
    I love what you have made your fish to do in creating those letters!

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  2. Love it! Happy Friday you Bad Bass! 🙂

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  3. Love this dear 😊😊 I love how you gave them different personalities through their expressions. So cute x x

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  4. Same to you Jill! (K)

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  5. Your creations always crack me up!! Happy Fry day!

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  6. Thank you so much Jill for all your beautiful and inspiring posts! Excuse me for not being more present! We had another death in the family! Besides I spend 4 afternoons of my weeks with my father and have to clear 3 spaces. I cut down much of my internet presence to be able to fit a bit of art practice in my daily life: Playing a bit in my 365 phew book, slowly filling in my missing pages, a bit of watercolour, some creativebug play and hopefully doing a few classes I bought last year and never did! A bit of slow reading time too, just finished Donna Tartt’s Golden Finch!

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    • Hi Suzanne, sorry for your loss! 😢 Sounds like you have a LOT going on right now. 😔 I totally understand about you needing time away to create when you get a little bit of time! So no worries, my friend on commenting on my blog. Yet, please know that I have missed you. ❤️ I will have to look up the book you just finished. Sounds like a good one! 👍 Please take good care of you! 😘xo


  7. LOL… you had me at Bad Ass Fish! Love it!! 😍 I know I don’t comment as much as I used to, but want to pop in to say you make me smile and I love seeing your posts each day! ❤️

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  8. Thank you, dear friend, for your kind words!


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