Your Handwriting As Art – Part 1

Last weekend, I had fun using my handwriting to create collage papers.  I learned this technique from Carla Sonheim in her online class:  365 Daily Creative Practice.  

I enjoyed taking the lesson a step further and make it my own.  I started by using watercolor paper that I had previously painted.  The colors reminded me of the beach so I started writing about my memories of the ocean and the lake:


I used a black Micron .01 pen, a Uniball white and blue gel pen and a pencil.  I like the texture it created.

Next, I started with a white piece of 140 lb hot press watercolor paper.  I started writing my thoughts with an orange and blue gel pen, added watercolor on top in stripes, added more writing with a black Pentel pen, added Tombow markers, more watercolor, then a blue and a green Posca pen.  I just love how the layers give it a pattern:


My next one, I used a similar process as above, except I added a gold metallic pen and I started writing messier… Super fun to write MESSY!!

In both of these, I kept turning my paper a quarter turn as I wrote.


My last experiment, I used an old advertisement in a magazine for a girdle and wrote over it with a white gel pen and a Sharpie fine black pen:


For the above piece, I wrote about my memories of girdles… thank goodness we don’t wear these anymore!! 😉

I discovered that part of the fun in creating these papers for collage is the writing.

Tomorrow, in Part 2, I will show you ideas that may inspire you to use your own handwriting in your art.

Cheers! 🙂

20 responses to “Your Handwriting As Art – Part 1

  1. Reminds me of what Claudia and I did…I love all the layers. (K)

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  2. such a fun and creative experiment. I bet it is fun to see where pen and mind takes you on a writing journey of art

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  3. How incredibly cool Jill! I love how the pattern keeps emerging!!

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  4. reminds me of this: Asemic writing is a wordless open semantic form of writing. Very cool.

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  5. A great idea Jill – these will make very good collage material…. The last one is my favourite – it’s wonderful…. !

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  6. Jill – these are wonderful, the layers are so intriguing. Ugh…girdles!

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  7. That is a really fun idea! Looking forward tonthe next post!

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  8. Your papers look super cool! Somehow they remind me of the 3d books of the 80ies! (if you know what I mean!?) I wonder what you come up with next?

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  9. Really interesting Jill, love the texture that it gives and the sense of depth, mmm you have given me ideas. Karen.

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