Sea Art

I drew this Sea Urchin shell over my handwriting in the post I recently showed you here:  Your Handwriting As Art – Part 1  I used pencil, white gel pen, watercolor pencils and a black Micron pen:

2D11607E-2C4B-42FC-8A96-FC32F71277B2This art sparked an idea to create these hearts:


I sewed them together with thread on my sewing machine.

I plan to write a short note on the back and give it to a friend.

What sparks your creativity?

Cheers! 🙂

14 responses to “Sea Art

  1. A lovely gift!! 💞🌸

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  2. The writing does look like the sea!
    and what a wonderful gift. (K)

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  3. Glenmar Fullmer

    I love this! I also see it on tile or something permanent

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  4. Jill…I love how you thinking out of the box with your handwriting art, there are so many possiblities. I can’t wait to hear how your friend likes her gift.

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  5. So cool Jill! It is amazing how when you start creating, one thing leads to another unexpected one, like the icing on a cake! Both creations are beautiful!

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    • Hi Jenna, I think this is one of the things I so enJOY about art… how one idea leads to another! 🎨👍 Thank you for your kind comments, my friend! 💚 I have gotten a bit behind on commenting on your amazing blog – I hope to get caught up today. 😉 This work thing keeps getting in the way of my fun. Lol! 😊


  6. what a LOVEly gift! What a treasure for your friend to receive. Lucky them!!! ❤

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