100 Tropical Hearts

I was experimenting with acrylic paint and India ink yesterday….

And I created this tropical Flamingo by drawing with an ink dropper and then scraping acrylic paint over it:


Isn’t it wild?! 😉

I next experimented with some drips:


Then I cut this paper into strips and 100 tropical hearts:


I plan to use them in my art journals… what would you do with them?


I hope you have a LOVEly Monday!

Cheers! 🙂

17 responses to “100 Tropical Hearts

  1. LOVE it. I am not an artist, and didn’t expect this bonus of blogging, but thank you for bringing a little piece of delight into my life! I showed this to my daughter who is artistic, and she loved it too. X

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  2. Oh so beautiful! ❤️💜💙
    Have a lovely day, Jill! 😀

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  3. Oh Jill! The colors are FABulous! So bright and beautiful! Love the flamingo!!

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  4. I’m so intrigued with your process, colors, textures and hearts. I just got a healthy dose of inspiration, as I always do from your posts, Jill. Have a wonderful day and I will too.

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  5. WOW Jill! How do you come up with this cool stuff??

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    • Hi Jenna, part of it was an assignment from Carla Sonheim in her 365 class I’m taking and then I just start playing and magic happens! 😊🌈💚💜💙 I’m glad you liked it. 👍


  6. Wonderful vibrant colours Jill…. !

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  7. What fun! Such a great idea!

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  8. I think the bottom picture would look fabulous on a canvas. Lovely hearts!

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