Hot And Cold

My sister-in-law made us these beautiful potholders that arrived in the mail yesterday… just because! ❤️  A wonderful surprise. 🙂


I just love the colors and patterns and stitching… I’m not sure I can use them for hot foods as they are too pretty!

And speaking of cold… we woke-up to 8 inches of new snow yesterday morning! 😮


I guess winter isn’t done with us in the Pacific Northwest.  Time to make a homemade pot of hot soup on a cold day!

Cheers! 🙂

25 responses to “Hot And Cold

  1. Beautiful potholders! What a great surprise.
    I’m hoping we don’t have any surprises of snow, although they are predicting some this weekend. The amount is uncertain, which is never a good sign…(K)

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  2. That snow is beautiful!

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    • It is always so pretty after it falls… and peaceful! Today it is super cold so the sun is shining and the birds are active. They are probably trying to stay warm… lol! 🐦❄️🐦


  3. How sweet! That snow!!! Hard to imagine, it’s 65 and rainy here…

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  4. Hi Jill – Potholders are those items we never get for ourselves. How nice of your sister-in-law to provide you with such artistry to help in the kitchen. You probably want to frame them. I know I would. Stay warm!

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  5. Love those potholders!

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  6. It’s going up to 8 degrees Celsius today and looks like the next week will be above freezing with no snow in sight. The bad news is that it looks like no sun for most of the week and chance of rain. All that beautiful snow will be washed away but I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of winter yet.

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  7. what a wonderful, beautiful surprise gift! (both of them) 🙂

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  8. The pot holders are so pretty 😄😄 Yes, hot soup is really great on a cold day. The snow looks beautiful x x

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    • Thank you, I was so surprised to receive them in the mail! ❤️ We have more snow today and I have more time since it is Saturday so I plan on making that soup! 🍲 ❄️ Thank you for your comments! 😍xx


  9. Those are lovely gifts! Hot soup sounds perfect! I’m gonna make a cuppa tea right now myself. 🙂 Have a lovely week-end!

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  10. What delightful surprises to receive in your mail! So cheerful too at this time of the year when everything is blanketed in snow.

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