Weird Monday?

I enjoyed creating with my hand-painted collage papers over the weekend.  Carla Sonheim gave us a fun assignment to cut out random collage shapes from our own painted papers with our eyes closed!  Who knew this could be so fun and freeing!!

This cat and mouse showed up first:


Then Louise…. Louise loved to dress with lots of color and patterns:


I just love Louise’s sense of style, don’t you?!

And lastly, this friendly beast made its appearance:


It is a Rhino-leaf-a-rear-as!  The children loved to ride this beast at the strange animal zoo…

I hope this silliness gives you a smile today!

Cheers! 🙂

19 responses to “Weird Monday?

  1. What fun–I love your whimsical creations!

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  2. So kooky cute! Louise reminds me of the crazy old aunt in Christmas Vacation! And the rhino-leaf-a-rear-as made me laugh out loud!!

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  3. It does. You always make me smile, Jill! (K)

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  4. Ok Jill, you do have my laughing. I’m sure you were laughing as you composed each of these collage papers. I love the texture of the printing and painting.

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  5. Thank you for the SMILES! I love the Rhino-leaf-a-rear-as!!!

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  6. Wonderful fun use of your collage papers Jill….

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  7. Oh, I love this! The little mouse is so cute, and the beast is great too! I bet Louise is French, is she? 😊💕

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  8. This is great!! Creativity at its finest!

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