Swedish Tracing Paper

I was dying tissue paper yesterday for an online class I’m taking… I will share more about the class in another post.  I was using colored India ink to create this one on tissue paper:


I decided to try this experiment using Swedish Tracing Paper.  I previously purchased a roll from Amazon for $16.07 for another online class last year.  It feels a lot like interfacing and is sewable…


I had a piece that I previously had sewed on so I experimented by spritzing it with water and adding India inks then folding it to create a pattern:


I just love the richness of this!!

It was so saturated with inks that I grabbed some sheets of deli paper to see what ink it would soak up.  And I was excited to see that it transferred the color and the stitching to the deli paper:


And I got two additional prints on deli paper:


I wonder what would happen if I sewed a pattern with the thread?


More experimenting ahead!!

Cheers! 🙂

17 responses to “Swedish Tracing Paper

  1. This is very inspirational! I will have to look for that Swedish tracing paper…and I’m looking forward to your post on how you create those wonderful batik effects. (K)

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  2. You are quite the fearless experimenter Jill, all this stuff is ultra cool!

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  3. Beautiful! Having so much fun with this!!!!

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  4. An afternoon well spent, Jill…as I was scrolling through my WordPress reader, your post grabbed me, I couldn’t wait to open and see everything. There are so many types of papers and surfaces to experiment with. Keep creating, I’m loving your results.

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  5. Is this one of Carla’s classes you’re taking?

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  6. I was debating as to whether I was going to take that class or not. Did you get a discount because you are doing the year-long class?

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