Plum Good!

Last week, I was given a box of  lemon plums from a friend.  He is out-of-town and gets a monthly delivery of fruit from Harry and David.

I loved the plum’s yellow color but I knew they weren’t ripe yet.  When I opened the box yesterday, I was surprised to see a lovely blushing pink color!  Oh, so beautiful!!

So I decided to make a pie!  I found a recipe and decided to give it a try… (I don’t make many pies…)


Which reminded me a little of my Weird Bird I made for my hubby’s Valentine last week; below are the “ingredients”:


I numbered the back of each collage piece and wrote a short message.  It was fun to mix the pieces together in an envelope for hubby to open and complete a bird:


It reminded me of making this pie yesterday…


Sometimes the finished piece is as fun as mixing the ingredients together…

I hope your day is plum good! 

Cheers! 🙂

22 responses to “Plum Good!

  1. What a great card! And plum pie…I haven’t ever had one, but it certainly looks delicious. (K)

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  2. Love your ❤️ bird and the plum pie looks so delicious! 😋
    Have a great day, Jill! 😀

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  3. Your pie looks delicious. I’m not a big fan of eating plums as is but for some reason I love plum jam and plum cakes.

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  4. Oh Jill, you crack me up. Your ingredients for love and pie just tickle me. Keep all this fun coming, you make the start of my day very happy.

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  5. What a great idea and love the pie!

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  6. I’ve never even hear of yellow plums! How fun you made a puzzle for your Valentine, very cute, and I bet he loved that homemade plum pie!

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  7. How fun is all of this??!!!!! I love that you gave hubby the bird to put together with appropriate notes on the back! So cute and clever! And Yellow Plums are new to me! How beautiful. Never heard of them. Were they yummy? Interesting that the pie turned out purply when cooked! How did that happen? Oh my heart is happy – baking and art! Awwwh! 🙂 ❤

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    • Hi Jodi, I added a few blueberries to the plums because I was a little short on plums. 😉 It was a little runny but tasted good – sweet and tart! You inspire me with your baking! 🍰💕 And it was fun to create the individual parts for one of my birds. It has given me an idea! 💡 I will tell you about it soon! 😃 Cheers! 🍷


  8. I love the idea for the card. What an adorable bird. The pie looks delicious!

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  9. What a sweet idea and original idea for your hubby’s Valentine card!

    Hope the pie was yummy. It looks as if it is!

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    • Hi Deborah, the pie kind of reminds me of rhubarb. It has been a tasty treat after dinner this week! 😊 I like to make my hubby’s cards. Do you exchange Valentine cards with your family? ❤️

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      • Rhubarb!!! My favorite pie in the world! My mom makes a Killer one. I like it with strawberries too. So, I’d probably like this pie you made. Oh Lord woman, you’ve got my jaws salivating! 🙂

        He-Man and I exchange little candy gifts, but we’ve only done that for the last decade or so. It’s never really been a “special” day for us. Our Anniversary is where we splurge. 🙂
        Of course I’ve got to remember what the damn date is! I’ve never been able to get the date right. If it we just celebrated our anniversary on the last Saturday in March I wouldn’t have this problem! We married on the last Saturday in March. 🙂

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      • I imagine you could make the recipe I shared with rhubarb too. I was a little short on plums so I added some blueberries…
        Candy is ALWAYS nice to receive!! 💖 I was married in May the day after Mother’s Day so it always seems to land at a busy time…we like to celebrate our anniversary too. I have trouble remembering how many years it is…😉 Lol! 💕💖

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      • Number of years we’ve been married I can remember, but the actual date of the month…not at all! No matter how many times I’ve been ridiculed or shamed over it- it just won’t stick! I have to pull out our marriage license every bloody year to look it up, so I don’t hurt his feelings.
        I emphasize with every person in the world that can’t remember the damn date! I bet they know the day and week of the month they were married in though! Why can’t we get BIG POINTS and CREDIT for that and celebrate it that way once in awhile. Every other year? Just sayin! 🙂

        I’m happy to hear you guys put more emphasis on your Anniversary than Valentine’s Day too.

        Mother’s Day. I was born on Mother’s Day. It’s shame my birthday doesn’t really fall on that day every year. The year we have leap year causes me to have to wait extra years to actually get my Birthday on Sunday Mother’s Day falls on.
        My Baby Girl’s birthday is a exactly a week later. It’s a busy month for me too. 🙂

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