Flowers And Trees

I inherited my mom’s journal with 40 years of flowers and trees she planted in the yard where I grew up as a child.

I love that it is in her handwriting…


I treasure it too because it connects us together… we both love flowers and trees.

I’m taking an online class from Lendon Noe hosted by Carla Sonheim called, Inspired By Lives and Letters, which gave me the inspiration to create this piece:


I made a copy of watercolor painting I did last year and a copy of mom’s journal page from the year I was born… to connect our past and present together as a remembrance.


It is a way for me to have a lovely conversation with my past…

A way for me to say, “Happy Birthday,” to my mom whose birthday is approaching in early March even though she is no longer with us.

I’d like to think she would treasure it.

Cheers! 🙂

28 responses to “Flowers And Trees

  1. This is a beautiful concept, and beautifully executed.

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  2. This is so beautiful, Jill!

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  3. A conversation with the past…I like that. The art is as mysterious and beautiful and the slices of memories. (K)

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    • Yes, I am really enjoying this class. 🎨💕 Lendon talks about different ways we can have conversations with our past, it is a interesting concept that I hope to explore more. I think you would enjoy the class, Kerfe. I’m glad you like this one I did. 😊

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  4. What a wonderful way to incorporate your love of art and your mother’s journal. I think your mother would love your translation.

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  5. Wow Jill, what a fabulous treasure you have created here, I am really kind of speechless! I saw the collage Jodi made for her husband for this class, you both have really touched my heart with your meaningful creations!

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  6. So happy you have this journal – best gift ever!!!

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  7. How wonderful! So beautiful. All the best. Karen

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  8. Such a precious keepsake! She would be delighted at how you cherish her journal, and I can’t think of a better way to feel connected to her.

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  9. What a treasure, and neat idea to blend the two. Your art is a wonderful tribute to your Mom.

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  10. How wonderful to have that book as a memory – and be able to make art work out of it. Lovely!

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