Not Exacto

I love paper!  No, not the junk that lands in my mailbox… Nor, the papers I push around on my desk at work!  Sigh…

I’m talking about decorative paper that is beautiful to see and touch and can add  something unique to my artwork.

I decided to learn more about paper so I signed up to take a 6-week online class on Paper Weaving with Helen Hiebert.  I learned about Helen’s class from Uppercase Magazine. Helen has an awesome blog with free tutorials, called The Sunday Paper;

I finally finished the first lesson of four notecards:



I enjoyed learning these techniques.  I like the curvy designs best, (the yellow and blue backgrounds).  I will tell you the names of these papers in my next paper weaving post…

Paper weaving takes time, practice and patience I learned.  Part of the technique is learning how to cut the papers.  Although my cuts are not exacto, I am pleased with my results.

Do you have a favorite card?

Cheers! 🙂

24 responses to “Not Exacto

  1. I’ve been doing some paper weaving, but not with curves…that looks challenging! I love the blues best, but they all have their charms. Is this origami paper? (K)

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  2. This is really cool. I especially like the red one.

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    • Thanks Mike! 😃 I like the colors of this one especially. It is a basic weave but I liked how we could cut the paper to different sizes to change the outcome. Funny how something so simple can look so elegant with beautiful paper! ❤️


  3. Hey Jill, fabulous! I especially like the curved designs and your gorgeous papers.

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    • Thanks Sharon! 😍 I found the curves to be more forgiving. The green one which is supposed to be a house shape (looks more like a tree to me) was hard to get the paper to squeeze through the openings… I got a papercut and was bleeding on the card 😳 and so I was thankful the blood washed off! 😬 Oh, the joys of art making with paper! Lol! 🎨👍

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  4. I like the curved ones too, you really feel movement…I would never have the patience for something like this! Very cool!

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    • Hi Jenna, I was surprised how long it took to do these! 😯 I had no idea that paper weaving could be complicated…Lol! 🤔 I like the curved ones too! 😄 I hope the next project goes a little faster. 💕👍

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  5. Oh are these fun! I was initially drawn to the blue card, but then I love the “kites” on the yellow card, and the green one almost looks like a Christmas tree! 🙂

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  6. Love how explore new styles, Jill. I love the red and green ones.

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  7. These are so cool!! What a fun technique! I love these! I rather like the one with the yellow background best! 😍

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  8. They are all really pretty! 😍 Great idea!

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