February’s Square Project

Perhaps you remember, January’s Square Project?  I am adding a section of paper collaged squares and circles each month to complete a challenge I made for myself.

Well, I had to add a little stitching to January’s section with my sewing machine, not sure that it helps but it was super fun to stitch on paper:


February’s section is less busy… phew! 😉

I used two methods I learned from Carla Sonheim’s 365 class, the scraping paint technique and text collage.  I like to take her instructions as a starting point and then take them a step further to make them my own.

Below are my notes in my art journal (please excuse the chicken scratch and word misspellings):


My completed section for February:


I think it looks so pretty, how about you?

What I liked about February’s experiments:


I haven’t had much time to pursue creating fabrics with my designs… life has been busy.  I still want to do this but looks like it will be later in the year.

I am excited to see what ideas will inspire me for March.

Cheers! 🙂

24 responses to “February’s Square Project

  1. Absolutely love it as well as your art journal!! 💕😊

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    • Thank you Patty! ❤️ I like how February’s turned out. I’m thinking I may redo January’s section. I listened recently to another artist who said that it is OK to rip up and start over. 😊

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  2. Looks great! I had to laugh at “keep better notes” When I do write notes, they are always on little pieces of paper that I find months later, and can never remember what they mean. At least you have a journal to put them in! (K)

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  3. GORGEOUS! These are all my favourite colours, and I love the textures too. I love seeing your notes.

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  4. Your creations are always unique and cool Jill! I love the February section, and your funky flower vase. Keeping notes is such a good idea!

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  5. love the february quilt!!! and ADORE the vase of flowers. You are so very artistic! just love it and you! 🙂

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  6. Hi Jill – the added stitching is wonderful dimension. Your note taking is a great source to return too. All this experiementing is leading you on an art transformation journey. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Sharon, I am learning a lot about what I like and balancing lights and darks. Some months it comes easier than others. I am thinking of redoing January’s section. I listened to an artist interview recently who described the process of creating and how it is OK to rip up and start over. I don’t think I will rip it up – because I want to keep it to remember but I do think I’d like to try again. I appreciate your encouragement. 😍💕🎨


  7. February is gorgeous, I just LOVE the colors and the patterns/writings together! I also love that you are not cutting geometrically perfect circles, because their imperfection makes them so perfect! ❤️

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    • Thanks so much, Ann! ❤️ I like the hand of the artist showing, plus I find it very therapeutic to cut out the circles and squares. 😊 Thank you for noticing the details. 👍

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      • I really like your point of “the hand of the artist showing”! Actually it´s what makes art unique. Have to remember that! I think I will write it down and put it onto my easel, it will hopefully help me get rid of this stupid “trying to paint perfectly”, which is not helping me at all! Thank you, Jill! 😊💕

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  8. Hi Jill, you’ve found a great way to make all the art prompts and inspiration from 365 class truly your own. Great idea. Love your circles and squares project(s). The stitching looks very nice!

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