Washi Papers

Did you know that Washi is a Japanese word for traditional papers made from the long inner fibers of three plants?

Wa = Japanese + shi = Paper

In my previous post, Not Exacto  I showed you cards I made with an origami paper, I discovered the term for this type of paper is Chiyogami which is Washi paper that has been hand stenciled or printed with traditional Japanese imagery using bright colors and patterns.  (Note:  Chiyo = thousand generation + gami = paper)

Yesterday, I completed the first half of Lesson Two of my online Paper Weaving Class which is a circular weave:


We could vary the pattern in our own design.  Love the color combo, how about you?

The Japanese paper I used for the red paper in this lesson are a Washi Momi paper…  I think the blue paper is similar but I’m not sure since it came in a kit.

I discovered several excellent online resources of. Washi Paper that I hope to explore further:




I hope your Friday is a cut above! 

Cheers! 🙂

20 responses to “Washi Papers

  1. Adore the color combo!!! Beautiful Jill!

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  2. This is one of my favorites of your paper weavings. Thank you for all of the information Jill. I will investigate.

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  3. Love the movement you created with this, very Zen!

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  4. They say you learn something new everyday…thanks for the info about wa-shi interpretation! I feel smarter already! Cool project as always you have something I have never seen before : )

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  5. Neat it’s like a stained glass window. I hope you have a lovely week-end!

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  6. Lovely pattern and design Jill….

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  7. This is so bold and cool! Love it! I love all of the variety of things you DO my friend. It’s so much fun to visit your blog! 😍

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