A Still Life Doodle?

One of the things I enjoy about taking online art classes is creating my own assignments from the class.

This one I made by drawing overlapping still life shapes in a 5.5 x 8.5 journal with a Micron pen.  Next, I colored the “shapes” with Prismacolor pencils.


It may look rather busy to you but it was very relaxing for me to create.

May you find JOY in the art you create!

Cheers! 🙂

16 responses to “A Still Life Doodle?

  1. A lovely splash of colour Jill….

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  2. Great work! You are much more patient then me, but maybe your drawing can inspirer me to do a smal one some day soon.
    Happy Friday

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  3. How cool, this should be hanging in the MOMA. I haven’t made one of these designs in years. I can see how you must have had a very meditative experience. Thanks, Jill.

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  4. Kinda like an improvised and coloured zentangle! 🙂 Very nice.

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  5. Very fun and fabulous Jill!

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  6. Beautiful! I love it!!!

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  7. I love how busy you piece is and it looks like a lot of relaxing art therapy to me! Nice work.

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