Letter “C” Is For…

Letter “C” is for color!  Like this continuous still life I did over the weekend:


Each week, I’m inspired by many creative blogging friends!

This week, I’d like to share a COUPLE of them with you… CAN you CHECK out their blogs?

Sharon, is currently creating an alphabet journal – colorful, captivating and clever…  You CAN find Sharon’s cheerful blog:  Make Art Magic Happens

Cheers! 🙂

22 responses to “Letter “C” Is For…

  1. That is a beautiful piece!

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  2. Oh I love it! So cheerful!!

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  3. Beautiful, Jill!! 💜

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  4. colours …colours click ….kudos …

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  5. omg Jill, I LOVE this, LOVE LOVE this!!

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  6. Thank you Thank you Jill, for your kind words and sharing my blog today,you have made my day! And, what beautiful, engaging and colorful art making today from you. You art makes me so happy.

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  7. That is utterly beautiful! And very clever!

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  8. So fun! Sharon’s blog is terrific too and I am now following her 🙂

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  9. ah, the essence of still life! So beautiful and inspiring!

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  10. Captivating indeed! The Colours in this Creation are Crazy Cool! 🙂

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