Have Your Cake And…

My MIL turned 85 years old yesterday! 😃  WOWZA!

So I thought I would repost this Diva bird since I’m taking a little break from blogging this week…


And be sure to eat a slice of cake! 🍰

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! 🙂

17 responses to “Have Your Cake And…

  1. Awww. Love it! I get to look at this beauty every day!!!! 😘

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  2. Yay to the triumphant return of Diva bird! 😍And happy birthday to your MIL!

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  3. Happy Wednesday, Jill!
    Love Diva bird!! ❤️😊

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  4. Such attitude your Diva Bird has Jill! Adorable! Happy Birthday to your MIL!

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    • Yes, this was a favorite of mine! ❤️ We celebrated with dinner at PF Changs last night with my hubby’s family – 14 people were there! It was a lively evening! 😉


  5. HB to MIL 😁 Still love Diva bird. Happy Wednesday Jill. ☺

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  6. I hope she had a lovely Birthday, and has a fabulous year. Your Diva Bird is cute!!

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  7. The Diva Bird is fabulous Jill and congratulations to your mother-in-law for reaching 85!

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  8. Hi Jill – Always love your birds and the Deva is one of my favorites! With a little sponge cake added, of course.

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