Goodbye Refrigerator…

Our first fridge has quit,

I feel rather sad…

You kept our food cold,

A long time, I’m so glad!


In our first home,

You were shiny, brand new…

When we moved, you became

The garage fridge, thank you!


It seems only fair,

Your photo I share now…

A Gibson – golden edition,

For over 30 years, wow!


Extra food and drinks

I relied on your place…

Filling your shelves,

When I ran out of space!


So what will I do?

Without you, oh, my…

I know it will cost us,

Sorry to say, good-bye!


I hope this silly poem gives you a smile today!

Cheers! 🙂

25 responses to “Goodbye Refrigerator…

  1. So sad ;( I need a garage fridge. 30 years is more time than most people get out of a spouse. Let alone an appliance. Lol

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  2. ha ha, we do the same thing, move the old one into the garage, and I can’t live without it! Our freezer is leaking this am, not a good sign!

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    • I did a little fridge shopping over the weekend and I was surprised to see how much a new fridge costs these days… although more efficient, they certainly don’t last as long. I hope your freezer isn’t dying… We lost all our food in our freezer when this one quit. 😟


  3. They don’t make them like that any more Jill! (K)

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  4. A long life for sure. They don’t make them like that anymore. ❤

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  5. Hi Jill, those old appliances are made for such longevity.

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  6. Wow – sounds so cliche – but nonetheless true – appliances and things used to be made to last. You will never get a refrigerator now that will last 30 years sadly. It still looks so good too – you surely took care of it. 🙂

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  7. It did! 😊 I wish new things were that easy to use. Nowadays you almost need a diploma to install a fridge… 😉

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  8. Ode to a fridge.. 🙂 I hope ours doesn’t go the same way for a long time!

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  9. Our first frig was used so didn’t last that many years. When we bought our house a year later we bought a brand new refrigerator that lasted a long time, and went to live in the garage when we updated it. Now it too has been replaced.

    Oddly enough the damper or thermostat in my newest frig close to 10yrs old now I think is out. Yesterday and today I’ve found food frozen in the refrigerator section, and the temperature gauge is fluctuating. A repair person is coming out tomorrow. Sigh.

    Are you going to get a new frig and put your current in house frig in the garage? Having a second one is so nice isn’t it.

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    • Hi Deborah, sorry to hear you are have frig problems too! 😳 I hope it isn’t too expensive to fix…
      Yes, we are looking to put the fridge we have now into the garage and buy a new one for inside the house. What brand do you currently own? Do you like it? None of the new ones seem to be flawless…
      And they just don’t hold that much it seems. 😉

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      • I hope it’s not too expensive too! It’s not a bill I need right now. April is Income Taxes, and Homeowners Ins. for us. Grrrr!
        I plan and save for them but I always feel so broke after paying them.

        I have a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator. It’s a Stainless French door model. I really like it, but it feel a bit smaller when I first bought it compared to my two door Kenmore that we were putting in the garage and upgrading from. I’ve got so used it now that I rarely think about it, and having the extra frig in the garage has been a blessing.

        Best of luck finding one you really like at a good price too!

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      • Thanks Deborah, I will check out the Kenmore Fridges! 👍

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      • Well, that’s Sear’s brand and they’re closing stores left and right sadly. Whirlpool is the same so, I’d look at that brand. 🙂

        Maybe get to the library to check out Consumer Reports Refrigerator ratings if you don’t get the magazine? We always do that. It really helps to narrow down the choices.

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  10. We have a basement fridge….garage is too cold here for fridge. And yes, great for chilling beer in summer or keeping all the casseroles and desserts fresh when we have family gatherings throughout the year. Great ode to the garage fridge Jill!

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    • Thank you Louise! 😃 We keep looking at the new fridges and thinking they look so much smaller.. Lol! 😄 Of course the bigger ones means cutting out a cupboard or a wall and I don’t think that is in the budget… 😉


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